I am trying to build a kernel module (.ko) out of a driver that doesn't have module configuration by default. I want to avoid having a built-in driver because I get firmware loading errors.

I did the following,

  1. Bt_driver.c:

  2. Menuconfig:

    obj-$(CONFIG_BT_DRI) := Bt_driver.o
  3. Kconfig:

    tristate "Bt Module " // So, I can select Y, N and M option
  4. defconfig


After the build was done, I didn't find a Bt_driver.ko module in the build location.

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  • Without more details we cannot guess what's wrong. Please edit your question and show the commands that get executed when you try to build your module and the corresponding output or error message(s)
    – Bodo
    Oct 4, 2021 at 19:02

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After adding module_init() and module_exit() you may need to add the module license: MODULE_LICENSE("GPL"), for example.

Unless the module will not be built (tainted).

If its still not building the loadable module kernel, try to build using your own Makefile (for this module).

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