i want to compile xilinx project by using petalinux cross-compiler in ubuntu. so, i tried to download and install all needed libraries by using apt download, apt-rdepends and dpkg. download was successed, but dpkg install failed. error is following :

Selecting previously unselected package socklog-run.
dpkg: regarding socklog-run_2.1.0-8_all.deb containing socklog-run:
 socklog-run conflicts with linux-kernel-log-daemon
  rsyslog provides linux-kernel-log-daemon and is present and unpacked but not configured.

dpkg: regarding xinetd_1%3a2.3.15-6_amd64.deb containing xinetd:
 xinetd conflicts with inet-superserver
  inetutils-inetd provides inet-superserver and is present and unpacked but not configured.

how to do to fix it? and why? do you mind help me, please.. thank.


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