Problem: I need to find out today's date and search a file which contain's today's date in the name. Also another file which contains Yesterday's date. I was able to do so by something like:

TODAY=$(date +"%m%d%Y")   
YESTERDAY=$(date --date="yesterday" +"%m%d%Y")

for snapshotfile in $SNAPSHOT
        if [ -f "$snapshotfile" ]
          echo Snapshot Report $SNAPSHOTFOUND is available

But there is a condition here that, if today is Monday I have to check one file which has last Friday's date and another file which has Saturday's date in their names unlike Today and Yesterday.

Can anyone suggest.

  • Find out today's weekday name and implement your special condition.
    – scai
    Mar 7, 2013 at 9:46

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find . -type f -name "*`date +%Y%m%d`*.*"

Finds files recursively, type f finds only files and name find only files that match the pattern. Using backticks `` you can add the date inline.

With date +%u you get the weekday number. If it is "1" then its Monday.

To check for last Friday and Saturday's dates, use --date

date --date="last Friday" +%Y%m%d
date --date="last Saturday" +%Y%m%d

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