I'm using Arch Linux with i3 as my wm and running an x server. All my keys work but printscreen key doesn't even register.

I tried xbindkeys -k which seems to work for all keys except Print.

My keyboard is fine, because I have a dual boot with win10 where printscreen works flawlessly.

Please help.

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In my case not even xbindkeys or xev registered Print. Solved it.

xmodmap -pk | grep Print

    107     0xff61 (Print)  0xff15 (Sys_Req)    0xff61 (Print)  0xff15 (Sys_Req)    
    218     0xff61 (Print)  0x0000 (NoSymbol)   0xff61 (Print)here

Yours should look like this. If it doesn't,

xmodmap -e "keycode 218 = Sys_Req"

So that only one key is mapped to Print.

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