I have a txt file I created with find with the path of many files in different locations, separated by a newline. I want to navigate through these files like an image gallery, preferably with thumbnails. I can turn the newlines into spaces and the absolute path if necessary.

I couldn't find an appropriate application or the right options to read that txt file, or I just don't know how to pipe/pass the file correctly. I tried with xviewer and geeqie already.

My last resource I want to avoid is to just symlink everything inside the same folder and use xviewer to navigate through it.

There should be a way to do this with some app, right?

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The closest I can get is feh, in Debian based distros:

$ sudo apt install -y feh

The you pass your file list as argument of option -f with the thumbnail option -t:

$ feh -tf list.txt

It opens a window with the thumbnails of the list of files, that you can navigate with the keyboard and the mouse.

Once an image is selected press Shift+r to render it, and x to close the opened image window.

More info in man feh.

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