On my Linux Mint 19.3 - Cinnamon, I have observed that sometimes the compose-key works, sometimes it doesn't. Especially, it stopped working after reboot.

Investigating it led me to the conclusions that

  1. it does NOT ALWAYS stop working after reboot.
  2. it comes back after switching back from a v-term (Ctrl-Alt-F1, then [Ctrl-]Alt-F7)
  3. Killing (and auto restarting) cinnamon-session doesn't seem to make problem re-appear

a friend of mine tested it on his Ubuntu 20.4 - Mate and didn't observe this problem. I don't know if the problem might be related with Linux Mint or with Cinnamon

Any lead on what else I could try to investigate this ?

  • Check udev rules/udev hw database. Check systemd startup order, it's not deterministic, which would cause the "sometimes works, sometimes doesn't".
    – dirkt
    Sep 18, 2021 at 9:58


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