I just installed Metasploitable in VirtualBox for doing some exercises.

Metasploitable is a Ubuntu Hardy-based system, with some built in errors that allows you to tamper with it.

I live in Denmark, and thus I use a Danish keyboard layout. Since Metasploitable works for English, this means that my keyboard is now messed up a little bit when I type inside of this new VM.

Usually, when I have been working on Ubuntu or Kali VMs, then it is quite easy to navigate around and change the keyboard language layout.

This is harder now, since I only have a terminal to work with.

I have been searching around for solutions, the closest thing I have found is this:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Where I think I need to put the configuration I want in the keyboard-configuration field. But I don't know how to figure what the configurations are called for the different languages (trying intuitive names like "dk" fails). So, how do I change the keyboard layout?

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Applying this and this; command export LANG=da_DK or export LANG=da_DA should do the trick. To make the change permanent edit .profile -file as per instruction in the first link.

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