I'm new at Linux and I will get use of your help guys on this.. I want to increase the size of /tmp directory without affecting RAM or anything else on Red Hat 8.2 .. any suggestions to do that?



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/tmp can be either on RAM (tepfs) or on disk. You can find out where it is by using the mount command. Something like the below.

tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)

tmpfs indicates that it is on Virtual Memory (RAM)

It is possible to mount a disk (a partition) on /tmp, you can change its size without using more RAM. Please note that this can slow down applications that rely on a fast /tmp

If you decide to proceed.

You will have to create or have an empty disk partition.

Change the entry for /tmp from tmpfs to your partition on /etc/fstab

Here is an article debating this

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