How can one prevent .ash_history from being saved at all in Alpine Linux?

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To make the change permanent, add it to your profile. It should be /etc/profile or ~/.profile

  • This no longer works, see my answer for alternatives and explanation.
    – tom
    Nov 27, 2023 at 17:24

Add the following line to ~/.profile (or /etc/profile to disable history for all users):

export HISTFILE=/dev/null

Alternatively, run the following command:

rm ~/.ash_history; ln -s /dev/null ~/.ash_history

(This replaces ~/.ash_history with a symlink pointing to /dev/null, so that writes to ~/.ash_history will be discarded. To re-enable history, remove ~/.ash_history.)

Note that unset HISTFILE (which is commonly used with bash) doesn't work for two reasons:

  • Since Busybox 1.22 (released January 2014; commit), ash sources ~/.profile before it sets HISTFILE, to allow ~/.profile to change HOME. An unfortunate side effect is that unsetting HISTFILE in ~/.profile has no effect.

  • Even before that, it only worked when ash was invoked as a login shell, because non-login shells (e.g. those started by running ash or by GNU screen) don't source ~/.profile so they would save history. (The first command I suggest uses export to ensure that all child processes will inherit the setting.)

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