I have an application (KindleCreate) running under Windows that I would like to automate running it under Wine to integrate with a production workflow. It has very few and simple controls, but in spite of that, Amazon does not offer a command line interface for it. I have been trying the suggestions here but have not been able to find anything yet.

The operations I would like to perform (and automate) are very simple:

  • Control+N
  • Choose "Print Replica"
  • Choose File (.pdf)
  • Select a File
  • Edit --> Preserve links
  • Ctrl+S (to save the project)
  • Ctrl-Shift-P
  • Exit

Is this possible? Are there examples anywhere?

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The idea sounds bad but it should work provided the UI is same all the time.

Use xdotool, write a script which will click the buttons and the mouse for you.

xdotool --name KindleCreate key ctrl+n mousemove <coodrdinate of 'Print replica'> mouse click 1 ....

Read its man page.

  • Which idea "sounds bad" the one to automate it or the one to use xdotool ? Why so? Sep 1, 2021 at 16:28
  • Using xdotool, this is not exactly scripting but it works. Sep 2, 2021 at 3:09

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