Hi I'm trying to install BEEF from github but it keeps saying cannot locate gcc-9-base and libgcc-9-dev. Again im using a linux terminal on a chromebook if that changes anything. I've never used a linux terminal before. Haven't seen a question about this with someones computer as a chromebook.

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Typically the answer would be to install the package build-essentials on a Debian system. It includes, I believe, both of those components.

sudo apt install build-essential

However, if the package truly needs gcc-9, then things are much more complicated. At the moment Chromebook Linux (Crostini) is based on Debian Buster, that comes with gcc-8. You would either have to manually upgrade to Debian Bullseye or find gcc-9 ported to Debian Buster to compile BEEF. Note that BEEF seems to have other dependencies as well that need to be installed.

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