I am using midnight commander. To view the content of a .txt file I press F3. Then I can select text holding Shift + selecting with mouse:

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But I would like to select the whole content of the file and it is not possible to scroll while I am selecting with the mouse.

Is there a "select all" option in that View mode?

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Midnight Commander cannot do it. You may want to file a feature request here: https://midnight-commander.org/wiki/NewTicket

Please use any graphical text editor instead.

On a second thought I don't believe it's technically possible. MC disables scrolling which means your terminal must and must not have a scrolling history at the same time. You cannot select less output which spans more than a single screen either.

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    Not quite: midnight commander uses the regular smcup/rmcup (ti/te) cursor-addressing mode, which generally switches to alternate screen (and that disables "scrolling"). But selecting a whole file would have to be done using new code in MC (unrelated to shifted-mouse selection), since the whole file is not on the terminal's screen/scrollback. Aug 19, 2021 at 21:59

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