I am trying to setup a cluster with 2 computers for the first time. I have searched for tutorials for how to do it on linux mint, but the only tutorials I can find are for redhat instead of mint. I meet my first road block when trying to follow this tutorial when using 'yum'. I don't believe you can, or should use yum on linux. The packages I am trying to install is "ricci","luci","ccs", and "cman", all of which are not in the linux mint 20.1 repository. I am wondering if and how you can access other linux repositories. I am aware that you can download things from gitgub using the command "git clone". Any knowledge will be helpful!

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    You were probably looking at very outdated tutorials. Redhat switched to pacemaker/corosync and you appear to find only old documentation for RHEL6 about luci&co. So search again for tutorials about pacemaker/corosync for Debian based systems (try to find modern documentation)
    – A.B
    Aug 14 '21 at 23:50
  • Yeah, that's really ancient. you probably want to use SLURM (Simple Linux Utility For Resource Management) instead. On Debian (and on Mint), there are several slurm-related packages, but the main one is slurm-wlm. I've built a few linux clusters over the years, and IMO it's the best no-compromises open source clustering system. There's a very brief overview of SLURM at SLURM-A workload manager designed for Linux clusters of any size
    – cas
    Aug 15 '21 at 8:44
  • BTW, what kind of jobs do you want to run on your cluster? If it's just compiling software, you may be better off with distcc. Also note, for computational stuff, you'll probably want to install Open MPI too, and your software should be written to use it.
    – cas
    Aug 15 '21 at 8:47

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