I have two machines. First of them runs embedded Linux and the second one runs FreeBSD. The machine with Linux has rsyslog and needs to be a syslog client. The other one has installed syslogd and needs to be a server. The machine with FreeBSD and syslogd doesn't write remote logs to a file. When I changed just for test rsyslog to sysklogd on my Linux machine, remote logging was working. The problem is that I must have rsyslog on the client. What can cause the problem? Are rsyslog and syslogd incompatible with each other? As I know the log message format is the same.

When I run tcpdump -enpi <interface> on FreeBSD I see syslog messages

Linux MAC > FreeBSD MAC, ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 94: client_IP.35398 > server_IP.514: SYSLOG user.notice, length: 52

In my rsyslog.conf file on Linux (client) I was added the following line:

*.* @server_IP

In my syslog.conf file on FreeBSD (server) I was added the following lines:

*.*  /path/to/client/logs 

And in my rc.conf file on FreeBSD I was added the following lines:

syslogd_flags="-a client_IP -vv" 

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I removed -a client_IP from syslogd_flags in rc.conf. The problem was probably client port number. If the port is not specified in syslogd_flags it is assumed to be 514 but my logs were going out from another one. Another solution could be add all ports to client IP address -a client_IP:*.

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