I copied an existing and working .desktop file for an application that can be launched from ApplicationsFavorites into ~/Desktop but the file is displayed on and opened from the desktop as text file only.

Chapter 1. Getting started with GNOME just mentions:

1.4.3. Creating a desktop icon for a file

This procedure creates a desktop icon for an existing file.

and nothing about an application/launcher.

There's a comment to Create menu entry and desktop icon for application installed from .tar.gz for Fedora 24:

When placing launchers in ~/.local/share/applications you have to mark them as trusted - i.e. either double click it > follow instructions or chmod +x and add #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open on top.

Does this apply to RHEL 8 as well? Where, as mentioned above, when double-clicking my .desktop it opens in a text editor.

A solution for both Gnome Classic and Gnome Shell would be highly appreciated (if it's not the same anyway).


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Right-click on the desktop icon → Allow Launching works without prior chmod +x on the .desktop file in Gnome Shell and Gnome Classic alike.

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