I have created a Live Persistence USB of Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon on a 64 GB Drive with around 45 GB as persistence storage using Rufus on Windows 7.

On the Linux Desktop I can see 3 things

  • Computer
  • Home
  • casper-rw
    • Upper
    • Work

My Question is, where do I put my personal files(Documents, Images, etc.) so that they are not deleted when turning off the PC and still available for me to copy on another PC when I am not booting via this flash drive(i.e. just using flash drive as a storage medium, and not as a boot-able device). Should I place them in casper-rw drive?

My concern is, If for any reason my live bootable usb crashed or linux mint is not working as I expect, I can copy my personal stuff and re-install the OS on USB.

PS: I am new to linux and live usb thing. Explaining how the persistence is happening in layman terms would help too. Thanks

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