The following code does work when invoked from my shell:


how_many=$(find /home/jerzy/pCloudDrive -type d -iname "CS202*"|wc -l)
#/usr/bin/echo ${how_many} >>/home/jerzy/to.be.removed #This works

if [[ $how_many == 1 ]]; then

 exit 0
 #echo "There is only one backup of CS. Cannot delete."

elif [[ $how_many == 2 ]]; then

 exit 0
 #echo "There are only two backups of CS. Cannot delete."

 #echo "Let us delete"
 to_be_removed=$(ls -tr CS202*|grep -m 1 CS202|sed s/://)
 /usr/bin/echo "${to_be_removed}" >>/home/jerzy/to.be.removed #empty file is created from cron
 /usr/bin/echo "$(ls -tr CS202*|grep -m 1 CS202|sed s/://)" >>/home/jerzy/to.be.removed #empty file is created from cron
 #/usr/bin/echo ${to_be_removed} >>/home/jerzy/to.be.removed #empty file is created from cron
 #/usr/bin/echo \$\{to_be_removed\} >>/home/jerzy/to.be.removed #"${to_be_removed}" appended from cron
 /usr/bin/echo "${to_be_removed}" #when the script is run from my shell it echoes the target directory 
/usr/bin/rm -r ${to_be_removed} #works from the shell, not from cron
 #/usr/bin/rm -r $(ls -tr CS202*|grep -m 1 CS202|sed s/://) ##works from the shell, not from cron
 #/usr/bin/rm -r "${to_be_removed}" 


The script is meant to remove the oldest directory that is named like one of them :


The job is to be done once a day, as each day a new CS202* gets created by rsync doing my backups. The lines with echo are placed in the script only for the sake of debugging. The code needs not sudo to remove the specified directory. It does not work from cron, i.e. from the crontab of my user jerzy. When executed from the shell of the same user it does the job, why so?

My environmental variables in my cron:



I've diagnosed so far:

  • rm does work from cron as /usr/bin/rm -r /home/jerzy//pCloudDrive/CS20210730_1341 when scripted does remove the target. It is not the matter of permissions.
  • The execution of the script does get started as is proved by the creation of the file /home/jerzy/to.be.removed.

Why doesn't this script work from cron?

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    You appear to find files in /home/jerzy/pCloudDrive but then ls -tr CS202* in the current working directory Aug 1 at 16:38
  • 1
    Why /usr/bin/echo "${to_be_removed}" >> ... instead of /usr/bin/echo "$to_be_removed >> ..." ? Aug 1 at 16:41
  • 1
    You can always send the cron ouput to a log file, see here for example. In fact it's always a good idea to keep a log even when you don't have immediate debugging needs. Also check the exit codes from your commands. If you have a non-zero return value you should probably not continue.
    – Anonymous
    Aug 1 at 16:48
  • @steeldriver Replacing ls -tr CS202* with ls -tr /home/jerzy/pCloudDrive/CS202* solved the issue. It had nothing to do with cron. It was just a coincidence the I was always invoking the program from /home/jerzy/pCloudDrive - it do not work from other directories, though. Aug 1 at 18:03
  • @Jeremy The first is meant to append the path of the directory to be removed to the file - so that I there is anything appended I know that until this point the script works fine. What would the second do? Aug 1 at 18:09

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