I'd like to add to the default configuration file that comes with ptp4l. I've tried adding multiple configs, all of which are described in the manpage, but regardless of what configuration I add, I get:

unknown option [option] at line x in global section

A MWE of this is to add

BMCA        noop

at the bottom of the default config, and ptp4l throws an error on startup.

Here is a section of my config file:

# Clock description
productDescription      ;;
revisionData            ;;
manufacturerIdentity    00:00:00
userDescription         ;
timeSource              0xA0
# Program and Clock options
BMCA                    noop
slaveOnly               1

Am I somehow writing the configs wrong? I'm on a Ubuntu VM, but I'm editing with VI so I can't imagine there are any formatting errors.

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I encounter the same issue and update linuxptp version is the solution.
May be you should update your linuxptp to the newest version.
Don't install by apt-get as it provide version 1.8 (up to now) which do not support BMCA option, download the newest version source and compile install instead.

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