I'm curious about is there grub has command in operator system can do modified bootmanger / boot sector once like efibootmgr -n {the bootnumber}.

The efibootmgr -n command will switch uefi boot sector in next time boot.

What I want is switch on dual OS once in windows/linux with select via grub's menuentry number by command but not in grub menu mode.(Not change the grub default)

So I think can use grub command both in legacy bios/uefi other boot firmware if it's possible.

  • There's grub-reboot.
    – Tom Yan
    Jul 29 at 8:13

If your version of GRUB is modern enough, there should be a grub-reboot command that works essentially the same as efibootmgr -n.

For the grub-reboot command to work, you may need to set GRUB_DEFAULT=saved in /etc/default/grub if it is not already set that way.

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