I am on a Thinkpad 460S. There is a media key on the keyboard to cut the wifi via Rfkill (F8).

NetworkManager is grabbing the key and everytime it is pressed, disable or reenable the rfkill switch.

I dont want this to happen and I'd rather use this key in xbindkeys (not usable atm since it is grabbed by NetworkManager).

Is there a way to stop NetworkManager from doing that?

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    I think it's your desktop environment doing that. NetworkManager itself doesn't access the GUI. What desktop environment are you using? Jul 28 at 15:50
  • I'm using i3 so I dont think it would do that? Furthermore I see a networkmanager event in journalctl when I press the button Edit: Checked in my i3 config, I dont find any bindsym that would do this... Jul 28 at 19:56
  • After further investigation, these days, systemd is the one that handles rfkill. And as you found out, that's routed from the kernel. Jul 28 at 20:50
  • Would disabling systemd-rfkill.service and systemd-rfkill.socket be enough? I tried and it doesnt seem to work. Would you have a solution? Jul 28 at 20:52

It seems that this is a (deprecated) kernel feature. This post gives a solution:

rfkill: input handler disabled

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