I'm using hybrid_material colorscheme for vim. When I open my terminal (st) and type st -e vim, my colorscheme doesn't preserve (I have everything in black). Here are some screenshots: vim opened simply in terminal

Vim opened in st terminal with typing st -e vim

Black vim is when Vim opened in st terminal with typing st -e vim and the other one is vim simply opened in the terminal

Here is my vimrc file: https://easyupload.io/ho0538

If someone could help I would really appreciate it


I think you might be setting a special $VIM environment variable in your shell, but:

-e COMMAND is documented on the man page as

suckless terminal executes COMMAND instead of the shell.

Now that simply means that anything you set in your shell's startup script (~/.bashrc, zprofile, whatever) isn't set. And that might very well include a $VIM that points to a folder with your vimrc and vim plugins/themes/tools.

  • Hm, alright... I got the same problem with termite terminal. The only terminal that shows everything correctly is xterm for me.
    – Daniil
    Jul 25 at 13:06
  • Nothing happens
    – Daniil
    Jul 25 at 13:45
  • But the thing is that when i open vim in st typing st -e vim, all my vimrc binds are conserved. Only colors don't
    – Daniil
    Jul 25 at 14:54
  • ... you set TERM or some termcap-related environment variables in your shell init scripts, don't you? that's why "original" xterm still works – it's pretty much the fallback. Jul 25 at 14:57

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