I'm trying to send files through SFTP by using the below script but after 10 seconds the SFTP connection closed and some files did not send without getting any errors.



expect -c "
spawn sftp -oPort=22 ${USER}@${HOST}
expect \"password: \"
send \"${PASS}\r\"
expect \"sftp>\"
send \"lcd /home/suv/msu\r\"
send \"mput *.*\r\"
expect \"sftp>\"
send \"bye\r\"
expect \"#\"
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    First, I would not be coding passwords, use keys instead.
    – Bib
    Jul 25 at 12:04
  • Honestly why don't you create a key-pair, and then just scp *.* smsu@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/home/suv/msu ...? Or even use rsync?
    – tink
    Jul 26 at 8:10

If it takes more than 10 seconds to transfer a file, it will timeout, as expect will think it has gone away.

You need something like, from the man page:

set timeout 30
  • It's working fine now, Many thanks. Jul 25 at 12:24

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