I'm trying to run the following command in a shell script


yes | sudo $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/cmdline-tools/tools/bin/sdkmanager --sdk_root=$ANDROID_SDK_ROOT --licenses

but the terminal is stuck in the following part below, however, it seems accept the license but the terminal didn't terminal so I can proceed with the other commands, any idea how I can overcome this issue knowing that, I can not intervene manually since this command is running in yml file in GitHub actions

 10.8 Open Source Software. In the event Open Source software is included with Evaluation Software, such Open Source software is licensed pursuant to the applicable Open Source software license agreement identified in the Open Source software comments in the applicable source code file(s) and/or file header as indicated in the Evaluation Software. Additional detail may be available (where applicable) in the accompanying on-line documentation. With respect to the Open Source software, nothing in this Agreement limits any rights under, or grants rights that supersede, the terms of any applicable Open Source software license agreement.
Accept? (y/N): All SDK package licenses accepted

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