I'm using the Busybox 1.32.0 package tools in an embedded device. When I'm in Ubuntu based x64 platforms, the unzip tool packaged there can extract over a destination directory without prompting any errors if I'm trying to extract a symlink. However, in the case of Busybox, when I try to do this and there's already a symlink with the same link stored there I get this error:

unzip: '/usr/local/bin/sample.so' exists but is not a regular file

Sure it's not a regular file, because it's actually a symlink. But what I want to do is either:

  • Continue with the unzip process omitting this files.
  • Replace this files with the symlink files stored in the zip.

Is there any way to achieve this?

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    You could first do a unzip -l to get all the filenames, and pass them into a script to remove those files, such as xargs rm -f. – meuh Jul 22 at 14:08

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