I have added a second keyboard language layout (Persian) in Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon and in the keyboard setting I've set it to use shortcut win+space to change the layout.

It works fine when the selected layout is the primary (US English) and the shortcut changes the layout to secondary layout (Persian) but when I want to change from (Persian) to (English) it doesn't work and I have to use mouse and change it from the panel icon.

I've changed the shortcut to alt+shift but the problem still remains.

  • That's weird! I have the same problem with Linux Mint 20.2 Mate when I use win + space. But now I added alt + shift and it works fine.
    – AMK
    Dec 18, 2021 at 8:23
  • Does this help? askubuntu.com/a/1134384/85695
    – terdon
    Jul 2 at 14:41

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My solution which solved this issue in Linux Mint 20.3:

  1. Open Keyboard Preferences:

    Linux Mint Menu > Control Center > under category Hardware : keyboard

  2. Tab Layouts > Reset to Defaults

  3. Add your Layout :

    • Tab Layouts > Add
    • By Language : Persian
    • Variants : Persian
    • Add
  4. Change the shortcut to Alt + Shift :

    Tab Layouts > Options > Switching to another layout > Alt + Shift


Looks like I found that it could be done with:

CapsLock + Shift

You could check:

Menu > Keyboard > Layouts > Options

For your custom shortcut. Or Reset to Defaults and the above combination should work.

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