I use a different email address for each service I sign up for, for example [email protected] or [email protected] (thanks to Fastmail's subdomain addressing). Mail to all these addresses arrives in the same inbox.

When replying, I would like Mutt to automatically set the From: header to the address the original email was sent to. I have tried setting reverse_name = yes according to the documentation but this requires me to specify all the possible From: addresses in advance as "alternates":

If this variable is set, the default From: line of the reply messages is built using the address where you received the messages you are replying to if that address matches your “alternates”.

Currently, I press Esc F to edit the from address manually for every email I reply to. How can I set the From: address of my replies automatically?

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The following configuration achieves this:

set reverse_name = yes
alternates = @example.com @jj.example.com

This works because the alternates are interpreted as regular expressions. The first expression matches [email protected] and the second one matches [email protected].

Using this configuration, when you reply to any email, the From: address will be automatically set to the To: address of the original email.

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