Colored dot

I was mainly looking for a way to show what cause my system to slow up booting, and then came up across this. Now I'm curious to know what it means.

  • You might find systemd-analyze blame to be more useful if you are investigating a slow boot. But for a snapshot of the current situation, systemctl list-dependencies is fine. Jul 20 at 17:15

From the systemctl man page.

The dot ("●") uses color on supported terminals to summarize the unit state at a glance. Along with its color, its shape varies according to its state: "inactive" or "maintenance" is a white circle ("○"), "active" is a green dot ("●"), "deactivating" is a white dot, "failed" or "error" is a red cross ("×"), and "reloading" is a green clockwise circle arrow ("↻").

  • I then imagine red dot is the same as red cross. Jul 19 at 12:42

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