Am writing script using bash.

I have a name for a log file log and want to prepend a directory path $destin. But $destin can either end with / or without /.


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There's variable expansions that do exactly that:


The % removes the suffix that follows from the variable, if present.

However, this isn't ncecessary: `path//file" and "path/file" are the same file.

As Quasimodo points out:

If removing any number of slashes is really needed, log="$(dirname "$destin")/$(basename "$destin")" should do. This will also work if destin is something like a/b/c///.

  • You're right about path//file and path/file. Just be careful about removing all double slashes though, as POSIX allows for //path/file and /path/file to be different (a leading double slash is defined to be implementation dependent)
    – roaima
    Jul 19, 2021 at 9:40

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