I have various years and months of data for numerous site locations. I have computed the average for all months for each needed year. Each Month/Year has its own its own file. Not all sites have data for a given month so no file exists in that case. What I am attempting to do is take each file Month/Year to build a new file for each site. The file structure I am attempting to build would be

Year Jan Feb
2002 xxx xxx
2003 xxx xxx
2019 xxx xxx

the naming conventions of the files are County071-O3-5001-2002.out-APR.csv.tmp.ext-avg.dat with the Bold text which would change depending on the year and the month. Since there are missing "Months" and Years" data at times I am unsure how to build table to account for missing months of data. Any suggestions how to automate this would be great given I have over 100 sites to do for a 17 year period of time.


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    Build table unconditionally first, then fill with data later on as appropriate?
    – Panki
    Jul 13 at 18:31

without writing the code, I would use perl to write something to iterate across all of the possible months and years; plug those values into something that will be a file name and stat the file; if the file isn't found, assume that the data are zero for that month/year and move on to the next month/year.

Pseudo code:

foreach $year (2001 2002 2003 2004)
  foreach $month (Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec)
     if (-3 County071-O3-5001-$year).out-$month.csv.tmp.ext-avg.dat) /* test if it exists */
        then open it, read it, print it
     else  /* assume it's zero */
         print 0 

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