I am new to Linux and trying to understand partitioning and mounting so that I get to use arch Linux (i know it is a hard choice but I want it).

So the problem is I am a little confused about mounting what I understand is that when you mount a filesystem to a directory like /mnt the partition on which the filesystem resides will be accessible only through the /mnt directory and whenever I read more they say it does not matter on which folder you mount your devices and here comes the confusion if I mount all my devices to a folder like /mnt where would the rest of the root directory reside like the other files like /boot, /dev and /etc, etc...(pun intended).

Hope you do not render my question invalid please so I start understanding linux more and Thank you.

  • The system sees your files as being located at the mount point - this takes care of complications such as what filesystem you are using, whether it has special options etc. You just open, close, read, write to files as if they have a physical existence at the mount point. Jul 10, 2021 at 0:09

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The root filesystem in Linux is always mounted in /. When you're working with any Live Linux distribution, it's again this Live Linux's root FS which is mounted in /.

Devices are always mounted into /dev. Proc is always mounted into /proc. Sys is always mounted into /sys.

The UEFI system partition is normally mounted into /boot/efi and the boot partition into /boot.

Linux applications are hardcoded against these paths.

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