Ubuntu 20.04 still boots into the default desktop theme, on Budgie and Gnome.

This is after I deleted/moved all the desktop environment themes:

sudo mv /usr/share/themes /usr/share/themes_backup

rm -Rfv $HOME/.themes

rm -Rfv $HOME/.local/share/themes

How is this possible?

NB. Also asked under question here: https://discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/t/cannot-change-themes-after-hard-reset/5066/9

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If by “default theme” you mean “the default theme for GTK applications and GNOME Shell”, then it’s expected: the default themes in both cases is embedded into GTK and GNOME Shell, respectively, as without a default theme both applications and the shell would be utterly broken.

I guess the actual question is: what is it that you’re trying to achieve.

ebassi, GNOME Team

Answer quoted from https://discourse.gnome.org/t/is-the-default-desktop-theme-backed-up-outside-usr-share-themes/6877

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