I am trying to find my pre-installed widgets in debian 10 kde plasma, but I cannot find them. Is there a way to locate their installed path or if anyone know where are they located?

  • Have you tried searching the Application Launcher for "widget"? Checked the various System Settings sections? Right click on the "task bar" and try the "configure" or "add widget" options?
    – C. M.
    Jun 24 at 13:54
  • I know how to add, install, remove, uninstall a widget. I am asking about the installation path of those widgets in our system. Jun 25 at 6:25
  • Please edit our question to clarify that. If no one offers an aswer, you might try installing a new widget and then using the find tool to find files modified in the last "hour or so".
    – C. M.
    Jun 27 at 2:21

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