I have a list of files that contain a Julian calendar date in them. Examples: XXX_YY_AB21123.TXT, XXX_YY_AB21124.TXT etc. I have hundreds of them for the year. I need a way to search for the files based on the names and only return the ones for a specific range.

Example: Return all filenames that have the Julian date embedded in the name between 60 and 90 (Mar 2021) XXX_YY_AB21060 thru XXX_YY_AB21090

Any ideas?


If you need to get the Julian date for a particular day, you can use date's %j format and if your date is the GNU implementation or compatible, use -d to convert it from another format:

$ date -d "2021/03/01" +%j

Once you know that, you can use globs and brace expansion to achieve what you want:

$ shopt -s nullglob  # prevent unmatched globs from returning verbatim
$ printf '%s\n' *_*_*{060..090}.TXT
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    – JT-66
    Jun 22 at 11:18

In zsh:

print -rC1 -- **/*AB21<60-90>.txt(N)

Would print raw on 1 Column the list of filenames that end with AB21 followed by a decimal number in the range 60 to 90 followed by .txt in or below the current working directory (omitting hidden ones).

To compute the range from a given Mar 2021-like representation, you can do:

month='Mar 2021'

zmodload zsh/datetime

# Mar-2021 to epoch (for first day in that month):
TZ=UTC0 strftime -r -s start '%b %Y' $month

# month after in 2021-04 format obtained by adding 35 days:
TZ=UTC0 strftime    -s t     %Y-%m   $(( start + 35 * 86400 ))

# convert that to epoch time (of the first day of month after)
TZ=UTC0 strftime -r -s t     %Y-%m   $t

# convert both to YYJJJ
TZ=UTC0 strftime    -s start %y%j    $start
TZ=UTC0 strftime    -s end   %y%j    $(( t - 86400 ))

print -rC1 -- **/*AB$~range.txt(N)

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