I want an udevrule to automatically mount usb sticks or sd-cards, if plugged into a terminal-computer. The way I tried to achieve this was adding an udevrule and make use of pmount's ability to mount devices as non root user.

The followig extraRule is defined in my configuration.nix:

services.udev.extraRules = ''
         ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", RUN+="${pkgs.bash}/bin/bash -c '${pkgs.pmount}/bin/pmount --sync --umask 000 %N &>> /tmp/udev-pmount.log'"

The error output in /tmp/udev-pmount.log is:

mount: /media/sdd2: permission denied.

The /media folder has 777 permissions and is empty

Executing the same command with sudo manually works by the way.

I have no idea how to get pmount and udev working correctly in NixOS to achieve that task.

Just for reference I add a link to automount.nix, where similar things should be achieved. But it does not work because KERNEL=="sd[a-z][0-9]" does not match anything.

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Even though, the following solution is not a solution where pmount is involved, the following is the simple most udev automounting rule, that was able to automount storage in a reproducible manner.

services.udev.extraRules = ''
     ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_FS_USAGE}=="filesystem", RUN{program}+="${pkgs.systemd}/bin/systemd-mount --no-block --automount=yes --collect $devnode /media"       

The solution has been found within the arch wiki, which is mentioned in various answers concerning automount using udev.

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