Could someone please give me the name of the default ZSH theme that Kali uses? Also, if you could please provide a link to it.


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Kali Linux does not use a separate theme file for its zsh customizations. So you cannot download the Kali Linux zsh theme, drop it in themes/, and set ZSH_THEME to its name as you usually can in Oh My Zsh. Instead, the customizations are made to .zshrc directly. You can inspect .zshrc which is included into Kali Linux and choose what customizations you want.

Be careful to keep a backup of your existing ~/.zshrc. I also used zsh -d -f; source /path/to/file as suggested and explained in another answer to test the configurations without replacing the existing configuration file at all.

Here is some further reading:


I think the Bira theme is pretty similar in terms of appearance to Kali.

See https://github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh/wiki/Themes#bira


This may be too late but it might be useful to someone else: Kali-Like-zsh-Theme.

This is the closest theme I found, it works very well on WSL which is the main reason I recommend it, didn't test it somewhere else though.

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