I'm not well versed in shell scripting but I imagine this to be a painfully easy fix but its eluding me.

I need to copy the contents of a directory excluding a number of files. I have a command that works when I enter it into the terminal, but when its run in a shell script it fails with a syntax error or just doesn't work.

The command in question is:

cp -r path/to/!(dir1|dir2|dir3) destination

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That's ksh syntax. bash only recognises that syntax when you enable its extglob option with:

shopt -s extglob

So, you need to add that line to the start of your script, or have it interpreted by ksh instead of bash or call your script with env BASHOPTS=extglob your-script (that latter one not recommended as it would enable the extglob option for every bash shell that your script spawns).

Possibly you have that option enabled in your ~/.bashrc which is why it works at the prompt (~/.bashrc is only read by non-login interactive shells).


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