I have a csv file and I need to filter it out into two files based on whether the last column contains the word "ecDNA". I already have two more copies of the file to edit without changing the original file. Is there any way I can delete all the lines that do not contain "ecDNA" from one file and only retain lines that contain "ecDNA" from another copy of the file?

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    Please edit your question to include minimal working input file and how you are trying. – Prabhjot Singh Jun 15 at 5:08
awk -F, '$NF ~ /ecDNA/' oldfile > newfile

NF is the number of fields (columns) on the current input line, so $NF is the value (contents) of the last field. If $NF contains "ecDNA", then print the the line. Otherwise, ignore it.

If you need the match to be case-insensitive (and you're using GNU awk), use:

awk -F, -v IGNORECASE=1 '$NF ~ /ecDNA/' oldfile > newfile

For the inverted match (lines without ecDNA in the last field), negate the condition operator:

awk -F, '$NF !~ /ecDNA/' oldfile > newfile2
  • Thanks a lot, it worked! Sorry for not replying. – Michelle Yang Jun 25 at 19:18
  • @MichelleYang. If this worked, you may accept the answer. – Prabhjot Singh Jun 25 at 20:02

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