I am using ubuntu 20.10 on a laptop and I have the close lid setting to ignore so I can close it and it still works on my external monitor. I have added a new user, but when I log in as the new user, these setting apparently do not transfer over. When I login as the new user, I get a blank screen(s) Is there a way to

a) when I first boot up, use the dual monitor settings, and

b) I have the laptop tucked away nicely in a rack with a lot of things hooked up to it and I don't want to have to take it out every time I add a user. How do I set a users display settings from the terminal?


Generally, xrand is the CLI utility to control everything about 'monitors' and 'displays'. The main issue is that it needs connection to specific X server (the one, handling monitors).

Generally, you may try to use

export DISPLAY=:0

After that you can try to use xranr to control your monitor.

But I found that xrandr is really piky on the current monitor state (f.e. it does not work if you switch to Linux pty).

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