This is more of a architectural question:

I have a script that does some in file sed replacements/additions like:

sed -i 's/MY_VAR = 1000/MY_VAR = 1000\nMY_VAR2 = 500/' file.txt

which works fine but this is part of a fairly large script and someone may either ^C the first run and re-run this or just re-run it N-times back-to-back which will result in something like

MY_VAR = 1000
MY_VAR2 = 500
MY_VAR2 = 500
MY_VAR2 = 500
MY_VAR2 = 500

which might not be expected. So my question is: what's the best way to avoid this? I came up with something like:

if [ ! -f file.txt~copy ]
    cp file.txt file.txt~copy
    sed -i 's/MY_VAR = 1000/MY_VAR = 1000\nMY_VAR2 = 500/' file.txt

which should work fine but I was wondering if there's a better/recommended way to go about it? The above could obviously be problematic if your files are significantly large and you may just want to touch a copy file for protection instead.

  • If you're worried about this not being idempotent then perhaps you could write your changes to a different file than the source, leaving the source untouched. Another option might be to have a guard (or token) in the changed file - if the guard exists then the file has already been modified – roaima Jun 12 at 20:52

This will not easily scale and hence may or may not be a good fit for your real use case, but you may check whether the line you are going to add is already there and only add it if it is not:

sed '
  /^MY_VAR = 1000$/ {
    $ b a
    /\nMY_VAR2 = 500$/! s/\n/&MY_VAR2 = 500\
    :a a \
MY_VAR2 = 500

Here, when the exact line MY_VAR = 1000 is found:

  • if it is the last ($) line, we branch to the a label and append MY_VAR2 = 500 at the end of the output;

  • if the pattern space, after appending the Next line to it, does not (!) end in a newline followed by MY_VAR2 = 500, its embedded newline is replaced with a newline + MY_VAR2 = 500 + a newline; (we then branch to the end of the script to avoid running the append command too);

  • otherwise, we do nothing.

  • Wow, this is some crazy stuff, for me anyways! Thanks! :D – r713.250 Jun 12 at 21:10

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