How can I fold every line with the same indentation as the current line (the line the cursor is on) using manual fold in vim?

Basically, sometimes I need Vim to fold things just as Vim would do when foldmethod=indent, but I prefer work with foldmethod=manual and won't change it.

For example:

function f(x)

  while (x > a)
    foo = bar
    someStuff() // suppose cursor is here
    x = foo + a

  if (x < b)
    x = b // this line should not be indented

In this case, it should fold lines foo = bar to x = foo + a.


You could use :-1,+1norm zF to specify a relative range of lines to fold. (In the case of 1 line above and one below you could omit the 1s in that command and just use :-,+norm zF).

If you're open to installing a plugin, there is vim-indent-object which gives 'indent objects' like ii for inside indent and ai for around indent (among others). Then you could do something like zfii.

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