I have two monitors, one attached to my personal desktop and another attached to both my work and personal desktop.

Every day in the morning I use Gnome's "Display" menu to set a monitor arrangement (mirrored) while I'm at work, and at the end of the workday I use it again to set it to a different arrangement (extended). I do this because I uss a USB switch to move my keyboard between the two computers, and I don't want applications on the smaller monitor running my personal desktop to get lost on the monitor set to my work desktop, so I just set it to mirrored.

This is annoying to do repeatedly. Is there a way to save these settings and then quickly switch between them with a command?


Not sure about GNOME settings but what I do is.. In my KDE setting, I set my extended monitor as Main and set it to extend. So when I have to use only my 2nd screen I switch of the first monitor so, Automatically ,the 2nd monitor becomes the primary and only one. And when I turn on the first monitor. It extends the 2nd one.which is primary. Thank You

In KDE you can save the display configuration settings. Believe me you must try KDE, it's the best out there.

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