Have had WiFi working fine via wifi-menu on command line for a while, but would much prefer the gnome icon, so i switched to NetworkManager, and now nothing will connect. I enabled my dhcp daemon in the config file, but the issue seems to happen before that point... any network I try it just refuses to connect to. It sees networks, then fails to connect immediately on click.

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Straight from the Arch Linux Wiki page on NetworkManager.

If NetworkManager is going to be handling any/all network devices. Then you should not have anything but NetworkManager enabled. If you have any net-auto-wireless services enabled they will have to be disabled.

# systemctl stop net-auto-wireless.service

# systemctl disable net-auto-wireles.service

You will then have to bring down your Network Interface Controllers. If you're using the new naming scheme then use ip l to display the interface names and bring them down.

For each interface listed (wired, wireless):

# ip link set <interface> down

Once down, enable NetworkManager and start NetworkManager:

# systemctl enable NetworkManager

# systemctl start NetworkManager

Note: If you have services which fail if they are started before the network is up, you have to use NetworkManager-wait-online.service instead. This is however hardly ever necessary since most network daemons start up fine, even if the network has not been configured yet.

Also: I believe extra/networkmanager does not supply the gnome applet. If not it will be in extra/network-manager-applet

# pacman -Syu networkmanager network-manager-applet

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First stop NetworkManager and anything that has to do with networking:

# systemctl stop NetworkManager

pgrep -l dhc (stop the services or kill the processes for these)

ps aux | grep -i wicd | grep -v grep (same with these)

Then start NetworkManager again, and wait for a few seconds.

# systemctl start NetworkManager

Use the network-manager-applet if you like. See if you can connect.


I had the same problem and have tried all suggestions on the net but in the end it was enough to install dhclient to solve my problem.

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Sometimes, NetworkManager doesn't prompt you to enter the password for protected network. If you're trying to connect to a protected network, edit the network from GNOME Control Center and set the network's password. Then, connect to the network.

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