Every networkmanager I've tried is "incompatible with this version" in gnome's settings panel. I can still connect from command line fine, but that's just kind of a pain.

Solutions I have tried:

  • pacman -Syu networkmanager installed everything fine, but didn't solve the problem.
  • pacman -S gnome-extra installed everything fine, but didn't solve the problem.
  • pacman -S gnome-network-manager: pacman says "package not found" (the package is outdated according to wiki)
  • pacman -S network-manager-applet installed everything fine, but didn't solve the problem.

The arch wiki says network-manager-applet should suffice for gnome, but the GUI won't support it, which is inconvenient. Any help is appreciated.

  • What do you mean by saying that "installed everything fine, but didn't solve"? How does it not work after you did that? And I know that this question has been asked a long time ago, and it may have an solution already, but if it doesn't have an solution, you should update your whole system by doing pacman -Syu, which will update gnome too. Then it will probably work.
    – user37607
    Commented Dec 6, 2013 at 9:27

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Your problem is actually really easy to solve, although I can't blame you for not finding the solution - it isn't very clearly mentioned on the wiki.

The problem is that even if you've installed NetworkManager, the daemon does not run by default. To fix this:

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

Use pacman -Ss to search for packages and pacman -Syu to install packages.

To learn about what the switches do in pacman you can use pacman -h. This will output all the main (capital letter) switches such as -S -V -D -Q -R -S -T -U. Each one of these also has switches that you can use, to find out what those are and how they work use pacman -Xh (replacing X with the main switch of your choice).

Also, try to post the exact errors that you're getting so we can get a better understanding as to what's going on. There are also a few of other network managing tools available such as wicd.

Take a look at this page on the Arch Linux Wiki. Should clear up any issue you're having.

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