How could I insert /foo/ after and only after opening brackets?


should become


while (/baz/bar) should not become (/baz/foo/bar)


In this simple case, you could try

sed 's,(bar,(/foo/bar,'
  • Wouldn't this harcode bar? Though the question is not that clear if that's what is wanted. May 27 at 12:19
  • @schrodigerscatcuriosity You are right, but I assumed from the example ("(/baz/bar) should not become (/baz/foo/bar)") that the actual task was to prepend /foo/ to the previously-known fixed string bar, with the boundary condition that this should only happen if bar is the first word after the opening (.
    – AdminBee
    May 27 at 12:27

A convoluted way, assuming that you want to add /foo/ to any pattern between parenthesis:

$ echo '(bar)' | sed 's;(/*\([^(]*\);(/foo/\1;'

$ echo '(/bar/baz)' | sed 's;(/*\([^(]*\);(/foo/\1;'

The command says:

Select what is between parenthesis and capture it, (could begin with a slash /), and replace ( or (/ with /foo/ and the captured pattern.


Using awk:

awk '/\(bar/ {sub(/bar/, "/foo/bar"); }1' input

With sed:

sed -E 's%([(])(bar)%\1/foo/\2%' input

This uses backreferences \1 for ( and \2 for bar.


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