I used snd-aloop module to create a loopback audio stream. Now I want to somehow mux my desktop audio from pulseaudio and my microphone audio streams into this loopback stream, and while that can be done via ffmpeg, I can't find a way to write the output to the ALSA device.

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To achieve this, all I had to do was to specify the format of the output "file" as alsa and set output to hw:[snd-aloop-card],1,0

Example: ffmpeg -i myfile.ogg -f alsa hw:2,1,0

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    That's brilliant! It also worked for me when I specified -f alsa default as output, so I don't have to think which one it is. It's probably pipewire underneath which sends it to whatever I picked in my desktop settings.
    – automaciej
    Commented Apr 2, 2022 at 15:14

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