I'm trying to retrieve the distro name from the lsb_release -i output, but using

lsb_release -i | sed 's/Distributor ID: //g'

won't do the trick.

What am I doing wrong? Or maybe should I change the tool?

  • I don't know lsb_release and it's not installed on my system. Can you please show us the output of the command before you pipe it into sed? – rahmu Feb 18 '13 at 9:22

You do not have to manipulate the output if you add the -s or --short option which according to the help "show requested information in short format".

lsb_release -is

The character after the colon is a tab, not a space. Use

s/Distributor ID:\t//

The /g is not needed because the pattern is not repeated on the line.

You can also use much simpler

lsb_release -i | cut -f2-

Try this:

lsb_release -is

Per the man page of lsb_release(1):

   -s, --short
          Use the short output format for any information displayed.  This format omits the leading header(s).

On my machine:

bburns@bjb-laptop:~$ lsb_release -is

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