I'm trying to find the best alternative to use my machine from local and remote "sharing" the same running application (I guess you could say the same x session, but I've not fully grasped yet how graphical sessions work and I guess there is also some way to move the same graphical application between x session).

Here are some use cases which I'm trying to address Resume work remotely:

  • I start a program locally
  • I logout (the program keeps running)
  • I connect from remote and see the same running program Resume work locally:
  • I start a program remotely
  • I logout (the program keeps running)
  • I connect locally and see the same running program

I've seen that using x0vncserver I can control the local display, however this solution let me see all my screen on my local machine on my tiny laptop, which is kind of a mess. Is there any better alternative?

p.s. I've already an ssh connection and I'll use port forwarding to make sure that the traffic is encrypted and secure

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If you are talking about an X windows session, look into x11vnc which exports running X session via the VNC protocol. You can connect to it remotely with any VNC client, possibly also through a SSH tunnel, although it should support SSL/TLS connection of it's own.

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