Consider we mount a foreign directory tree under some location and then chroot into it:

mount /dev/sdx1 /mnt
chroot /mnt
readlink /usr/bin/myapp    # Outputs: /usr/libexec/myapp/run

Is there any tool to resolve paths inside /mnt prefix before (without) doing chroot? For example, if there is a /usr/bin/myapp file in /mnt which is a symbolic link pointing to absolute path /usr/libexec/myapp/run (rather than more robust ../libexec/myapp/run), then how can this be resolved to /mnt/usr/libexec/myapp/run without chrooting?

The realpath --relative-to=DIR --relative-base=DIR looks promising, but actually serves another purpose. Using --canonicalize-missing may slightly help when only one symlink appears in the path, yet it returns a path relative to its base, which by itself is not valid in the host system.

Of course it is feasible to write a script what traverses each path level manually and resolves every one of them using readlink, but that seems overkill.

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