I executed the "mutt" command and it only showed me the inbox mails.

How should I view the sent emails? If I want to send a new mail against the first delivered mail, how should I do it?

I added set record=+outbox in the .muttrc file but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance.

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Option 1: If your sent message folder is "outbox" (I assume you are using Maildir format for mail, so actual path is ~/Maildir/outbox), then you can start mutt with the command:

mutt -f ~/Maildir/outbox


mutt -f =outbox

(= is a shortcut used by mutt to indicate a subfolder of your Maildir)

Option 2: When viewing inbox, press the c key. If your mutt is properly configured you should see a list of folders in your Maildir. Select the folder you want and press Enter.

I don't understand what do you mean by "send a new mail against the first delivered mail"? Do you mean reply to the received mail? If yes, this is done by pressing the r key on that mail.

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