I have developed an application demonstrating priority inversion in linux kernel and now I want to prove it by capturing certain context switches using kgdb. I have working setup to debug kernel on virtual machine (debian, kernel version 4.19.182) with gdb from my host with Ubuntu. I've achieved this setup with this guide: https://www.opensourceforu.com/2011/03/kgdb-with-virtualbox-debug-live-kernel/.

I compiled kernel with "Compile the kernel with debug info" option. I am able to set breakpoints on kernel functions, and everythings works fine. Now, I want to set conditional breakpoint on context_switch function, to break only on certain switches. To do so I need to add condition based on functions variables, but the problem is that they are optimised out:

enter image description here

Is threr any way to compile the kernel so that scheduler functions wouldn't be optimized out?

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